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We typically have more keywords than our app store description limit. And often, there are too many keywords to keep a track of. One of the top content optimization tools that you use is our content assist

This tool does real-time content analysis – identifies which keywords you have added to the description. This saves you from repeating keywords. 

How to Optimize Content For SEO

You can use this as one of the content writing tools for SEO. Just pull up the list of keywords – from Google keyword planner – and include all the important keywords that you get. 

Once you do that, start writing your posts. 

Checking Duplicates & number of times a keyword is repeated

It also keeps a repeat count – i.e. shows you the number of times a keyword is repeated in a content piece – which makes it an incredible duplicate content checker tool. 

Content Optimize – on the go with this SEO writing assistant. Content optimize 

Now, one of the ways that we use this tool is – we put in the list of keywords – based on their importance – typically there are 10s of such keywords. Now, the keywords that are yet to be included – gives us an idea of what content should be covered – as shown in the below screenshot. 

keyword tool

Use cases of this free content optimization tool :

  • Write app descriptions.
  • Write articles on the websites.
  • Write focused meta descriptions, and optimize search results.
  • Create youtube description
  • Optimize content for quora. 
  • Do a keyword analysis – from a piece of text and extract matches of your preferred keywords.
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How to Use This Writing Assistant?  (Estimated time – 5 minutes)

  1. Install the add-on from the marketplace.
  2. Open any Google Doc. 
  3. Click on Extensions – and you’d see an option for SEO-Content Assist. 
  4. Copy all of the important search terms in the Keywords section of the tool. 
  5. Now you are all set.