paid user acquisition

User acquisition is one of the vital steps to make your app successful. You can boost your app’s user acquisition through paid and organic methods. So, understanding the difference between both methods will help you choose the right one for your app marketing.  Every marketer aims to make the best out of their ad spend. Though paid User acquisition strategies do not necessarily work out for all apps, choosing the right one for your app and implementing them at the right time can fetch you results.

Types of paid user acquisition strategies.

What is paid user acquisition?

Paid user acquisition is the process of advertising your app on several user acquisition mediums to drive more app traffic. This method expects you to pay for the marketing ad campaigns to boost the app’s conversions.

The users acquired through the ads are called paid installs. Paid UA methods are quicker in acquiring new app users, so, they allow you to set the budget, the right target audience, and the time frame.

  • Videos are one of the most common and popular methods of paid advertising. Short, exciting videos with simple captions usually will go viral in a very short time.
  • Design the video ad to showcase appealingly the distinct features and dynamics of your app.
  • You can decide how much you will pay for the video ad placement and the channels you wish to post it.
  • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are the sought-after social media channels with a vast target audience.

  • Social media is a host to diverse user groups, making it easy for you to reach your potential users. Using paid ads in this channel can make your app product/service stand out from the rest. You can view similar pages, a similar audience in specific groups, and popular trends among users.
  • Facebook Ads help you to advertise in different formats. You can also run a lead campaign to take potential users directly to your app instead of a landing page. Facebook will charge you for each impression, conversion, or new lead, the payment you can decide based on your budget. FB also lets you run A/B tests to present the best choice to the public.
  • Instagram Ads: The users are more active and welcoming to image and video ads. Conducting a user market analysis, considering the age group, trending expectations, and competitors’ videos, will help your app gain more visibility. So, you can use Instagram feeds or stories to showcase your ads.
  • Twitter Ads: Having a media card in either an image or gif form is the ideal way to market your app on Twitter. Set the right goal, and target specific pages and user groups while placing Twitter ads. Most Twitter users are fast-paced; hence, design ads that are short and effective. This media channel expects you to fix a daily budget for app marketing.
  • Snapchat Ads: Major of Snapchat users are below the age of 30. So, research the target audience before placing your ad video on Snapchat.

  • Media influencers help you to target your potential user group effectively.
  • You can choose an influencer who charges reasonably and is relatively popular amongst your target audience to boost your app’s awareness.

Organic user acquisition methods.

  • Organic user acquisition is the process of marketing your app and improvising your app store optimization strategy to boost your user base. In this method, you do not spend or pay for campaigns.
  • A proper ASO strategy ensures that your app’s creatives are in their best form. So, by focusing on keyword optimization and localization, ASO helps you gain more new users.
  • The ASO strategy facilitates presenting a flawless and appealing UX and UI to the target audience.
  • When the app quality and functionality are good, your app’s traffic is bound to increase multifold.


Deciding between organic and paid user acquisition methods calls for experience and an app market analysis. Both approaches carry merits and demerits in marketing your app.

Therefore, choosing the suitable UA method depends on your app’s popularity, budget, UA goals, target audience, and your app’s category. Consequently, implement a proper ASO strategy, it can be a good start in your paid user acquisition strategies.

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