Launching your app in an app store is the best and the most popular way to promote your app. An app store launch is a practical user acquisition platform to expand your business.

To carve a niche for your app and achieve the desired revenue, you will have to compete with over three million apps in the app store. Therefore, it is vital to improve your app visibility for a successful app store launch.

Choosing the appropriate app store for your app launch.

The Apple App Store and the Google Play Store are the most prominent among the several app stores available for app distribution. They offer the most comprehensive worldwide distribution infrastructure catering to Android and iOS users.

Considering the below-stated aspects before deciding on right app store for launching will help you work out the launch plan scrupulously.

  • The budget scale for the app project.
  • The resources and skillset needed to launch the app in both the app stores.
  • Your experience in app launch and understanding user behavior.
  • Your app category and the countries you wish to cover.

Apple App Store or Google Play Store?

  • Before choosing between the two giant app stores, you should consider the merits and demerits of launching your app on each of these platforms.
  • The review and approval process is simpler and quicker in the Google Play store than the Apple app store. Apple is stringent in checking the number of submissions, technical glitches, misleading screenshots, or broken links. So, rejections are quite common in the Apple app store.
  • App localization and testing your app creatives is easier in the Google play store. But, Apple does not have features for testing.
  • However, studies say, iOS users spend more on apps, so monetizing your app is quicker in the Apple app store.
  • Therefore, study the iOS and Android user population because users using other operating systems will not be able to access your app.
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Best app marketing tips before app launch.

  • App marketing can be successful when the app is optimized and at its creative peak. Along with compellingapp creatives, it is essential to include relevant keywords that can optimize your search results.
  • It is vital to research and understand your competitor’s success moves. Track their reviews, pricing models, and user bases. You can also regularly track their keyword ranking, localization and optimization methods, and ad campaigns.
  • Explore and benefit from other marketing channels too. Use backlinks in your website to create a mailing list of potential users. Publish quality posts on social media to improve your brand awareness. 
  • Understand your target audience, their preferences, and expectations from your app. Eventually,easily sell your app features through a suitable medium to your potential users r.
  • Ensure the sales funnel is flawless. Optimize the user’s onboarding journey to improve the app conversion rates. Your app store listing must match the campaign message to gain quality users.


You need to consider several aspects for a smooth app launch. The app stores open up umpteen opportunities to advertise and establish your app. 

However, you must present an optimized app store listing that can gain organic traffic. Additionally, you can implement paid campaigns to boost the app’s awareness. 

Remember, the success of your app isn’t a phase but a journey. Therefore, remember to grow along with the app market trends for improved monetization.