In-app push notifications are pop-up messages that appear on a user’s mobile when they make an app subscription. They are an in-app marketing technique to improve engagement and achieve long-term users. Push notification strategy is to boost your app monetization by frequently interacting and engaging with existing app users. They are a quick way of reminding and encouraging users to revisit and explore your app. You can use push notifications to promote desired actions from the user, such as reconsidering the app’s cart or visiting your website or social media.

Most users look forward to these push notifications to know the latest app feature or to be reminded of exciting app events. However, push notifications can reap positive results only if used correctly.

Tips to improve ASO push notification strategy.

Content of the notification.

  • The push notification must be well drafted and offer value to the user. It must carry information about the app update, the latest feature, or extended user access. Identify the user’s requirements and expectations. Share only those messages that add value to the user. 
  • Your relationship with the existing user can help you draft a relevant notification that will connect with the user at the exact time the user will need it. To fully benefit from the timeliness of the push notification, make it different and unique from your other marketing methods. Otherwise, it will sound like just another promotional mail.
  • Focus beyond user engagement.
  • Well-designed push notifications, in addition to re-engaging with the users, also facilitate building user loyalty and improving your app’s brand image. Users become more active when you send notifications on topics that interest them. 
  • Do not send general messages or information that has already been shared on your blog or social media. A poorly drafted message that wastes the user’s time will annoy and lead them to block the notifications.
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Lure them with deals and offers.

  • Push notification is a convenient medium to inform users of limited-period offers and exclusive discount sales. 
  • More users will sign-up for the notifications when they realize the value it adds to their app experience.

Personalize the push notifications.

  • A personalized push notification will help you target the right user segment and to convert more users from generic notifications. 
  • Segment your audience based on the demography, user behavior, and their relationship with the app. You can then personalize the notification to add value to the user. 
  • Personalizing lets the users know that you consider their interests and preferences. A message about a new feature or an update on their favorite product will excite and earn the user’s loyalty.
  • To efficiently personalize the push notifications, you will need to analyze and understand the user’s past in-app behavior and their expectations from your app.

Time the push notifications appropriately.

  • Timing your push notification is of utmost importance to avoid the risk of annoying your users or the notifications being blocked. 
  • You can segment users to understand their convenient time before sending the push notifications. 
  • This marketing method could backfire if sent at the wrong time, and you will lose users.

Convey the right message in the appropriate tone.

  • Your push notification’s tone will decide the success of the marketing strategy. Let the notifications not sound too pushy or monotonous.
  • Word the notifications in an exciting tone that will induce the user’s interest.
  • Even when personalizing the notification, the tone must be sincere and understanding. 
  • You can also add an exciting image to boost push notification marketing.
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Push marketing is a popular and effective tool to promote app-related events. Explore and experiment with different styles to make it as enjoyable as possible. 

Personalize the messages, time the notifications well, and understand the limitations of the user’s precious time. Remember these tips and techniques to enhance user engagement and gain loyal users.