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Often, we see pages that rank for 100’s if not 1000’s of keywords. Do we add all of them? Of course not. Suppose you are tracking a page that has lots of traffic opportunity, and want to write a post – what keywords would you ask your writers to include?

Good old way – give list of top keywords, and ask writers to repeat it N number of times.
Data driven way – reverse engineer exact terms, cluster them, and give precise terms – with mostly single repetition. 

This is a very good way to rank multiple keywords in a single shot. So let’s put that in practice. For the sake of this walkthrough, we’d do this on our online rummy page.

Tools Needed

  1. Keyword extractor (available on request, currently available to only internal users at Next).  We are happy to provide this intelligence for upto 10 article. To request the same, you can contact us. (Our clients can requested research on unlimited competitor articles).
  2. Content Assist add-on

Here’s how it works:

  1. You enter the url of the page.
  2. You enter the text (of the body, or title, or both) of the page in the text box.

I don’t find frequency a very useful metric. Until now, there’s no empirical evidence that repetition of a certain keyword for x times improves it’s discovery. If a keyword A is a subset of Keyword B, then using keyword B should satisfy the inclusion for both keywords A and B. Internally, we use tools to cluster the keywords based on semantic similarity, but this rule holds good for most of the keywords.

Moving on, use the content assist sheet add-on so that you can track of keywords that are used and the ones that are to be added.


Some important pointers

  • We don’t ignore stopwords etc in content recommendation. This is intentional. Because sometimes, an important part of the keyword is ignored as a stopword – resulting in loss of traffic opportunity.
  • Rummy app, and rummy app list – both are included in the recommendation – however, it’s advisable to use the longer form, i.e. latter. Why do we not filter everything if that’s the case? Because some times, a fraction of the keyword gets repeated with multiple variations – eg: best rummy list, best rummy app, etc.


It’s one of the most powerful tools that you can use – to power your content strategy.


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