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It’s been a while that we’ve launched our Chrome Add on – for SEO and ASO click here to download, and it’s very handy and versatile.

Use Cases For this ASO Chrome Extension

  1. Get both ranks and ratings. Have you ever tried to compute your ranking manually? We’ve all been there. This extension shows you the ranks of apps on PlayStore.

2. Get top words used in the description, length of the app title, and app description. Also, you can view short description of the android apps with this free tool.
Use Case – you can track important keywords that your competitor is using in their description. 

Use cases of chrome tool for ASO

3. You can see the number of images and videos listed by the app using this add-on.

4. You can get the review URL using the add-on.


Use Cases of this free chrome Add On for SEO

Get important data pointers – like:

  1. Rank
  2. View status of the mobile core web vitals for the particular url.
    Use Case – You can use the above data to fix your core web vitals – for the page, so that it starts ranking higher in SERP.
  3. Length of the title, meta, and the height of the result
    Use Case – This is particularly useful to see how much is schema contributing to the screen estate. Also, you can add optimum title, meta length by looking at this data.
  4. List of most popular words that are used in meta descriptions.

5. Do a comprehensive audit of the page – including the Core Web vitals data and the date when the page was last cached using this tool.


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