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An ASO strategy ensures you secure a high App Store ranking and an optimized search result. Read on to know the six best ASO tips that will help you enhance your marketing strategy and gain better visibility for your App.

Before using ASO tricks Understand the prospective user 

You must think like your target audience because the main aim is to increase the App’s visibility. A proper user analysis makes it possible to understand the expectations and issues faced by the user. 

So, track and study the aspects below with regard to your target user.

  • The native language of your user.
  • Their perception of your App.
  • The top benefits for the users to download and use your App.
  • The unique selling point of your App against your competitors.
  • The performing keywords used by your competitors.

Keywords Placement

Apple and Google Play have different practices when it comes to the usage of keywords in ASO.

Apple App Store allows a 100-character keyword field. It uses the title and the keywords in these 100 characters to determine the search results ranking for your App. So, it is important to use the allotted characters and carefully research the keywords to maximize the App’s organic traffic.

Google Play does not provide a separate keyword field but allows you to use the most relevant keywords in the App’s short and long descriptions. You can utilize the 4,000 characters space to describe the App and effectively place the keywords.

You can use the keyword up to five times on your App Store Product page. Remember, write the description/title with the user in mind, then make a place for the relevant keywords. Do not overstuff and risk losing the interest of the user.

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Choose a striking App Title.

The keywords in the App title factor for the best results in the App Store. Along with gaining optimized search results, you will also be able to secure a high ranking for your App. 

So place the relevant keywords appropriately in the App Title. Make it simple and unique that aligns with the App’s main function.

Create an impressive App Description.

Place the popular keywords in the App description to target prospective users. Write the values, benefits, and features your App has for the user in a simple yet compelling language. 

Make an interesting start by listing the unique benefits of your App, and this will grab the user’s attention, making them read further and download the App. Include a call-to-action at the end of the App Description to increase the downloads. 

Regularly update the App Description with the new features and the trends in the market.

Design catchy App Icon, Screenshot and Preview Video

The App Icon is the first visual aspect of the App that represents its brand value to the user. So, make it count by adhering to the colour scheme, size, and resolution guidelines of the App Stores. 

Play safe with the colour combination. Pick contrasting colours that look appealing across different devices in any background. Do not overdo the graphic effects or with too many smilies and alphabets. It has to be catchy, making it easy for the user to remember your App and its purpose. 

The App Screenshots should effectively give a live experience of the App for the app visitor. So, pick the most favorite places in the App and place them in the order of importance to retain the user’s attention.

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The preview video that plays for a few seconds gives you the best chance to showcase the very best features of the App. Present App footage with simple text to make it understandable and appealing.
We recommend to checkout our ios app store screenshot sizes guide to help you select the right size of screenshots.

Localize your App

Localizing the App is the perfect way to open doors to a global audience. It is not just translating your App to different languages but understanding the user preferences from different segments, their beliefs, and emotions and then customizing your App accordingly. By localizing, the App’s accessibility and visibility will increase multi-fold. 


Analyze and understand the ranking algorithm of the App Stores to optimize the performance of your ASO strategy. Even after implementing these ASO tips, test and re-test the App’s key fields according to the App’s performance. 

Keep track of the techniques and campaigns of your competitor, and then update your App regularly. These ASO tips would surely boost your App’s growth by leaps and bounds. If you are still unsure about ASO, you can check out our top aso companies .