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App Store Featured

How to become featured app

Featured apps are selected by the editorial teams of Google Play and the Apple app store to appear on their main page. The app store featured selects the most popular and trustable apps and is made available for a bigger audience reach. In addition, the featured apps gain a mark of authentication. This means that Apple verifies and approves of these apps’ high-quality design and functionality. The added level of authentication by the app store leads to increased installs.

Conditions to become app store featured.

Update your app regularly

Depending on the app’s performance and the user response, update your app regularly. Redesign the app with the latest features to suit the market’s demands. Updating the app is an ongoing, consistent and accurate process to stay ahead in the game. App localization is key to getting your app featured in another app store in another region. 

Run Apple Search ads

Apple search ads instantly enhance the app’s visibility by advertising your app at the top of the search results. Use this popular app marketing tool to reach a wider audience in other countries. App search ads are directly linked to the App store optimization strategy. So with the application of the unique and popular keywords, the search algorithm will bring in more traffic to the app. So the right ASO strategy and an app search ad to boost your app visibility provide high chances of getting your app featured.

Make the app accessible.

It is essential to provide integrated app features that provide a great experience for users of many segments. So along with localizing the app, it is also important to make it accessible. Remember to

  • Create a simple and clear layout.
  • Provide easy and consistent navigation.
  • Design audio and visual assets to support the user and for a better experience.
  • Do not overdo formatting and use the ideal color combination.
  • Test and update the app regularly.
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Use ASO to optimize the app’s product page.

ASO acts as leverage to boost the app’s growth in the app store ranking. Place the most searched keywords in the right spots. Which will enable more app traffic by gaining more visibility. An appealing app store product page is an influential factor in app store growth. Tips to follow:

  • Design Convincing screenshots that show the app’s highlights and key features.
  • With Interesting app previews, the preview videos encourage the user to read further about the app.
  • A Catchy app name with the relevant keyword depicts the app’s purpose.
  • Effective descriptions with the most popular keywords highlight the app’s benefits and unique features.
Use Apple’s features.

You should always use the latest version of Swift and integrate Apple APIs to develop your iOS apps. Adopt the latest technology and updates that Apple offers and make your app compatible with other Apple devices. Introduce new app features and check for bugs regularly. Match the functionality of your app with Apple’s features and objectives. Apple, in turn, will promote your app in the app store.

Communicate the app’s story

Tell your app’s story to the users to create long-term relationships. Let them know your app’s unique features, the awards and recognitions of the app, the purpose and value of the brand, and how it will benefit the user.

Learn from the other players

Track the performance of your competitors and download apps similar to yours to know their strategy. Learn from the developers who have featured apps multiple times.

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What do editors consider to feature your app?

  • A UI design with great usability and appeal.
  • A valuable functionality for a unique user experience.
  • The uniqueness of the app is addressing a familiar category.
  • The innovation the app shows in providing solutions to users.
  • Impressive product page with appealing screenshots, app preview videos, and effective descriptions.
  • App localization with appropriate content and support for a wider audience.
  • Maximum use of Apple’s latest software and hardware releases.

What kind of apps will be considered for a feature?

Apple app store considers high-revenue apps with good functionality to be featured. Also, paid apps with in-app purchases have high chances of being featured. The aspects Apple looks for to feature an app are:

Apps with good ratings and reviews – Apple mainly considers apps with ratings of 4.2 and 4.4 for games. ASO strategy also focuses on reaching the average rating of 4 and above.

App adaptable with other Apple devices – Make the app compatible with other Apple devices such as Apple Watch, iPad, and other products with iOS. This enables more chances of being featured in the Today Tab, which offers great exposure for the app to a wider audience.

App revenue – Apple is more likely to feature apps than games. Paid apps or ones with in-app purchases are mostly featured in the Today Tab. Apple considers its revenue and also that of the apps for every feature.

Finally, fill out the request form to get featured. Advertise your app. Speak about the app’s benefits and the value it will add to the user. Attach links to marketing materials, websites/blogs, and video presentations. Use this chance to make an impressive visual display of the app.

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There is no rule or set guidelines to get your app featured. However, the above tips and techniques can increase the chance of the app getting featured in the app store. A high-quality app that offers unique functionality is sure to get noticed. Being featured is great leverage for app visibility. Track the performance of the app and learn from the user reviews. Add more value and updates to your app to improve user retention and a loyal user base. Once the app gains a good rating, the chances of being featured automatically increase.