Apple Search ads are the most effective tool to enhance your app’s visibility and drive more traffic. Apple Search Ads are a marketing channel that can connect you with your target audiences. You can bid on a specific keyword that is the most popular search keyword used by the app store visitors. The search ads provide a favorable platform for app marketers and users.  With this guide to Apple Search ads, App promotion becomes effective, giving you the ultimate benefits of your user acquisition methods. It is the only marketing channel that allows you to run campaigns within the Apple App Store. Your app’s ad will appear as the top search result, even before the organically ranked competitor. 

Types of Apple search ads. | Apple search ads guide

Depending on the expertise and the requirement of the app marketers, you can choose between basic and advanced search ads, and our guide to apple search ads covers both.

Apple search ads basic version.

Apple search ads’ basic version is for beginner marketers that will do the major portion of advertising for you. You have to set your campaign budget and goal. The campaign goal is the countries you wish to cover under the ad campaign. The basic model functions on CPI (cost per install) budget, where you will have to pay for each install. 

The only disadvantage of the basic ad version is you will lose control of the campaign, so transparency is lost. Apple will manage the optimization techniques, so the ad could bring in an irrelevant app audience. 

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Apple search ads advanced version.

The advanced ad version allows you to promote your app on the search results and also the search tab, which holds the suggested list of apps. Apple search ads advanced lets you have full control of the campaign. You will be able to:

  • Easily determine your target keywords and audience.
  • Optimize the app creatives.
  • Set the ad groups and schedule.
  • Manage the custom reporting.

The only demerit of the search ads advanced is the time and effort it will take to achieve the targeted growth results. To run a successful ad campaign, analyzing and optimizing is vital, which comes with expertise.

Choosing keywords

It is crucial to have an ad group for all your campaigns. So you will be able to target different groups using different campaigns effectively. You can segregate the ad groups based on age, gender, location, mobile device, schedule, and customer type.

Once you select your ad group, the next important step is choosing the keywords for which you wish to run the ad. However, you must consider the keyword difficulty and search volume while selecting the keywords. You will then input these as the target keywords for the respective campaigns. 

There are three different ways to optimize your keywords.

  • Exact match: Your ad appears when the user searches using the exact keywords same as those you used in the ad campaign.
  • Broad match: In this type, you bid for your target keywords and those similar to them. It significantly improves the app’s discoverability.
  • Search match: You tell Apple to match your app to the search keywords. The app store can easily suggest the most relevant keywords if your app metadata is updated.
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Finally, Keyword bidding is done. You will be bidding on keywords for a specific amount for each click. The highest bidder will find a place in the search ad spot when you compete with other similar apps.


Apple Search Ads is an influential and relatable medium to boost your app downloads and organic ranking. It allows you to promote your app directly in the app store. Therefore, it is a dependable technique to improve your app’s awareness and acquire new high-quality users.

While the basic search ads do the major promotional work for you, the advanced ad version lets you take complete control of the campaign to boost the app’s growth.

All you have to do to run a successful search ad is plan the campaign’s goal and budget. However, optimizing your app and analyzing the ad performance are key steps in getting the best out of Apple search ad campaigns.