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The giant App Stores, i.e. Google Play and Apple App Store, have more than two million apps each. ASO Techniques So, to outsmart your competitors, it is imperative to secure a high ranking for your app, create engaging content and enhance your app visibility. An impactful app store optimization strategy can make this possible for you. ASO is a marketing technique to get your App noticed by many users and boost the overall growth of the App. It is like an App Store SEO.

By understanding and implementing the following techniques, you can boost your ASO to level up your App’s ranking and gain immense visibility.

ASO Techniques

ASO Techniques Tips


  • Create a striking App Title

A creative and catchy App Title can bring more traffic to your App. So name your App that is attractive and clearly tells the App’s purpose to the user. Apple allows up to 255 characters for the App title, and Google Play allows 50 characters. So, choose a unique and descriptive title that has the relevant keywords.

  • Keywords Placement

Like in SEO, using relevant keywords is significant in ASO. Apple provides a keyword field for an optimized search, and Google Play provides Short and Long Description fields for you to effectively use the popular keywords.

Ensure to place the keywords at the correct spots on the App’s product page to gain visibility through search results. Keywords indicate the App’s main feature and function and also effectively categorize your App according to the target audience.

While choosing keywords, it is crucial to perform a keyword search, relevance, and conversion for effective App Store Optimization.

  • Outstanding App Content

Before creating the content for your App, think as a user would do and answer the below questions:

  • What does your App do?
  • Which of the user’s problems does the App solve?
  • What is the value it will add to the buyer?
  • Why is it worth the price and time?
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Once you find answers to these questions, the app content will be engaging and interesting. Make it convincing yet concise, and remember not to overstuff the keywords.

App Store Optimization Techniques


  • Design exciting app screenshots

In the first few seconds that the user spends on your App; it is crucial to place stimulating App screenshots. They are one of the influential factors that can convince the user to download the App. Highlight the key benefits and most popular parts of the App while choosing and placing the screenshots.

  • Include an App preview video

Use recordings from the App and create a catchy preview video. Even if played on mute, the App preview video must efficiently showcase the App’s highlights and benefits with the right text content. By viewing the App preview video, the user gets an authentic experience of using the App, which will help in improving the App’s conversion rate.

  • Choose the right App Category

Choosing the App category facilitates easier search and improves the app ranking. Selecting the least competitive category increases the chances of top ranking for your App. It also plays a crucial role during submissions for app review, so choose the category that best suits your App.

ASO Video Strategy

  • Maintain ratings and reviews

Your App Store Optimization strategy will turn successful with the quality and quantity of positive ratings and reviews the App receives. The use of push notifications or in-app messages can encourage the user to leave positive feedback after downloading and using the App. Good App ratings help to instantly gain the user’s trust.

  • Evaluate the App regularly

Post the App launch; it is essential to track the performance of metrics such as keyword performance, app Description, category, and icon. Make changes according to the market trends and update the App, and wait to understand their effectiveness.

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App Store Optimization strategy has an income-generating potential. It helps you to identify, assess and improve the App’s elements to suit the user’s demands. Remember, if you boost your ASO, it is a continuous process. So you have to regularly track and work on the performance of your App to reach the top place in the ranking charts.

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