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What are impressions?  

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of impressions in advertising through NextGrowthLabs. 

Impressions meaning 

An “Impression” or “View-through” refers to the moment a user encounters an advertisement. In practical terms, an impression occurs each time a user opens a website or application, and an advertisement becomes visible. Note that it is not the same as engagement. 

How do impressions in digital marketing differ from clicks?

Distinguishing between an impression and a click is straightforward, as their meanings are evident in their names. When a user merely views an ad, it is termed impression; however, when the user actively interacts by clicking on an ad, it is known as a click or engagement.  

Although engagements hold greater significance, impressions remain a crucial metric for mobile marketers. 

Significance of impression advertising

Impressions hold great value in mobile marketing due to the prevalent advertising purchasing method, which relies on the number of impressions an advertisement garners. Typically, advertisements are priced based on Cost per Mille (CPM), charging per thousand impressions. Consequently, it is crucial for advertisers to gauge the impression count generated by a CPM advertisement to assess campaign costs effectively. 

Impressions in marketing carry immense significance because they offer a straightforward depiction of the audience size exposed to ads in a specific channel in a broader context. Determining the impression number a campaign accumulates serves as one of the easiest methods to gauge the true reach of an advertising channel.  

Furthermore, understanding the impression count resulting from an advertising campaign aids marketers in deriving various other crucial marketing metrics, such as Click-Through Rates (referred to as CTR). These metrics play a pivotal role in evaluating a campaign’s effectiveness but necessitate an exact impression count for precise measurement. 

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Impressions marketing with NextGrowthLabs

Impression tracking is an opt-in feature offered by NGL. Our impression advertising tracking system employs a unique attribution model designed to distinguish between impressions and clicks. 

On connecting an NGL tracker to an ad network using the campaign wizard, it creates two separate tracker URLs. The initial URL is specifically designed for click-based attribution, while the second is intended for impression tracking. These URLs can be seamlessly incorporated with your network partners, enabling the tracking of both the metrics – impressions and clicks. 

This holistic approach provides you with a more comprehensive understanding of your app’s conversion funnel. For additional information, please refer to our official documentation related to impression tracking. 

Impression tracking functions within a 24-hour attribution window. This implies that a user, on seeing an ad corresponding to an app and installing it within that time frame, will be linked to that particular impression.  

View the installs attributed to users exposed to impressions in the NGL’s dashboard by toggling to ‘impression mode.’ In this mode, impression and click data statistics are conveniently displayed side by side for easy reference and analysis. 

Ad revenue at impression level in impressions digital marketing

This refers to the revenue generated from each individual impression or viewing of an advertisement. It represents the income earned by a publisher or ad network for each time an impression in ads is displayed to a user, regardless of whether the user interacts with the ad by clicking on it or taking any other action.

NGL provides impression-level ad revenue tracking and reporting, allowing publishers to link monetization revenue directly to its source. This enables accurate comparison with a user’s acquisition cost, offering mobile marketers valuable insights to make more fruitful decisions regarding user acquisition strategies and optimization of ad campaigns, placements, and impressions in marketing.

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