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Online crawler tool (spider) to test the whole website to determine whether it is indexable for Google and Bing.

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A web crawler online plays a significant role in indexing web pages. This positively boosts your SEO ranking visibility as well as conversions. Let’s understand how this crawler works and its benefits. 

What is a Web Crawler Bot?

A web crawler bot, also known as a spider or search engine bot, systematically downloads and indexes content from across the internet. Operated mainly by search engines, these bots aim to comprehend the content of almost every web page. It therefore allows search algorithms to generate relevant links in response to user queries. 

Think of a web crawler as organizing a disorganized library, creating a card catalog by reading titles, summaries, and internal text to categorize and sort books by topics. This makes information easily accessible to visitors. However, unlike a library, the internet’s lack of physical makes it challenging to ensure proper indexing, leading webpage crawlers to start with known pages and follow hyperlinks to discover additional information.

How Does Web Crawling Work?

Search indexing and web crawlers, operated by search engines, work hand-in-hand to navigate the dynamic internet landscape. Beginning with a seed list of URLs, web crawlers expand their reach by crawling pages and following hyperlinks. Selective policies prioritize URL crawling based on factors like link count and visitor traffic, akin to a library emphasizing popular books for indexing. 

Web crawlers revisit pages periodically to capture updated content in the ever-changing online environment. Adhering to robots.txt protocols, they follow rules specified by a web page’s server, determining which pages to crawl and links to follow. This intricate process ensures the download and indexing of relevant content from web pages, aligning with the shared goal of enhancing search engine functionality.

Advantages of Using Online Website Crawler

You can use a variety of free web crawlers to crawl your website. These spidering tools or website crawling tools provide a plethora of advantages that you can leverage for your business. So, let’s check out why our crawling tool stands out:

  • Web Data Extraction

By using our SEO crawler, you can easily conduct web data extraction. You can effortlessly retrieve essential elements including markup, meta tags, hreflang tags, and both internal and external links for different web pages. This streamlines the process of acquiring critical data, enhancing the overall functionality and usability of our crawler software.

  • Comprehensive On-Site SEO Health Checkup

You can crawl pages using our tool and easily perform a comprehensive on-site SEO health check. This tool empowers users to monitor diverse vital parameters that contribute to a website’s technical health. 

Regular examinations ensure the detection of issues such as incorrect status codes, and redirect chains, among others. Our alignment with Google Recommendations helps you to make informed decisions in optimizing your site’s SEO performance with each update.

  • Visualization of Site Structure

When you crawl a site, you can get an intuitive and visual understanding of your website’s structure. Our tool enables you to perform easy analysis and optimization for search engine crawlers. 

Ensure that your site hierarchy is not only well organized but also accessible. This will allow optimal indexing and search engine visibility. The visualization feature enhances the user experience and facilitates strategic decision-making for website structure improvements. 

  • Thorough Validation of Internal and External URLs

Leverage the capabilities of our best web crawler for a thorough validation of both internal and external URLs. It enables the detection and resolution of linking issues, including the identification of 4xx status codes, rectifying invalid anchor texts, and addressing redirected URLs. 

The result is a seamless user experience, maintaining the integrity of your website’s linking strategy. It also ensures that users encounter reliable and functional links during their online interactions.


Therefore, web crawlers check website pages and index them so that they show up on search results pages. You can also identify SEO errors in real time and fix these issues to ensure that your web pages are indexed. Utilize this tool to your advantage and improve the website’s structure and overall health seamlessly.