What is App Pack

App packs are bundle of apps that show up on the Google search result page on app based queries. App packs primarily show up whenever a user is expecting app based results.

App Packs

App Packs For Search “Language Learning Apps


What are the ranking Factors for App Packs?

Simple put – Google Search crawls the playstore and shows the most relevant apps – based on title, description (both long and short), and backlinks.

A more detailed explanation for those who are from SEO background

Every app’s listing is a page on play.google.com or apps.apple.com. Therefore, the page which Google (Search), thinks is most relevant for the keyword is preferred. This is the reason why keyword list on App Store is not a ranking factor. (Because Apple does not share that).

App Packs

Similarity between app packs & sub-page search.

Are the rules of Indexing same for App Packs as They are for regular pages?

There might be some differences, because the site search for either Google Play or App Store for a keyword doesn’t match with all the apps in the app packs – all of the times. While other meta data – such as rating, and more importantly rating count and download count – certainly has a huge significance. This could also be – due to the fact that apps with high downloads tend to be older, and have more backlinks.

How Can You Rank An App For App Packs?

1. Description – including title and meta.

2. Improving your ratings – both average and count.

3. Backlinks – this may increase the authority of the page.

4. There are 5 more factors which we are unable to publish to protect our business interests.


Ranking Factor Inference Platform
Description Relevancy Android, iOS
Rating Higher the better. Android, iOS
Download Count More the better. Android
Backlinks Similar to SEO Android, iOS


Some Factors That We Don’t Share

We have identified some other key factors as well, which we are unable to share as these factors are core to our business. As a business that thrives by reverse engineering search algorithms, we are unable to publish these findings. If you are looking to rank your app in the app packs. Feel free to contact us.

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