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DSP meaning 

DSP’s full form in digital marketing is demand-side-platform

This software application enables advertisers to purchase ads using automated processes. DSPs are considered a potent tool for marketing automation as they facilitate the acquisition of high-quality mobile traffic on a large scale with minimal operational hurdles. 

Operation of Demand-Side Platforms (DSP)

The operation of a DSP in marketing involves two crucial stages. Initially, the advertiser utilizes the dashboard to upload their creative, configure targeting parameters, and allocate a budget for their campaigns.  

Subsequently, after uploading the campaign creative, the DSP extensively scans its publisher network to identify websites and mobile apps aligning with the advertiser’s specified criteria and then proceeds to place a bid for ad placement.

Following this, the DSP finalizes the bid, positions the advertisement, and handles the payment process, all accomplished within a mere matter of milliseconds. 

What is the significance of DSPs in advertising?

DSPs play a vital role in mobile marketing due to several key reasons. 

1.Automated ad buying 

DSPs in digital marketing streamline the process of purchasing mobile ads, allowing advertisers to efficiently reach their target audience while reducing manual labor and associated costs. 

2.Targeted advertising 

They enable precise targeting, helping advertisers deliver content to specific demographics, locations, and user behaviors, thereby maximizing the relevance of ads to individual users. 

3.Real-Time Bidding 

DSP marketing uses real-time bidding (RTB) to make split-second decisions on ad placement, ensuring that advertisers can capitalize on the most valuable ad opportunities as they arise. 

4.Data utilization 

DSP platforms leverage data analytics and user insights to refine ad campaigns continuously, making it easier for advertisers to optimize their strategies and improve ROI. 

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5.Access to a diverse inventory 

They provide access to a vast network of publishers and ad exchanges, allowing advertisers to expand their reach and access a wide array of mobile apps and websites. 

6.Budget control 

Advertisers can set and adjust their advertising budgets, ensuring they maintain control over their spending while maximizing the impact of their campaigns. 


DSPs simplify the ad creation and management process, saving time and resources, which is particularly crucial in the fast-paced world of mobile marketing. 

8.Performance metrics 

DSP ads offer comprehensive reporting and analytics, giving advertisers deep insights into their campaigns’ performance and facilitating data-driven decision-making. 

9.Multi-channel integration 

They support advertising across various mobile platforms, including in-app, mobile web, video, and more, allowing for a cohesive and holistic mobile marketing strategy. 


DSPs in digital marketing enable both small and large advertisers to scale their campaigns according to their needs, making them adaptable to different marketing objectives. 

11.Compliance and brand safety 

DSPs often incorporate tools to ensure brand safety and compliance with regulations, helping advertisers protect their brand reputation. 

DSPs are essential in mobile marketing as they empower advertisers with the tools and capabilities needed to effectively reach their target audience, optimize campaigns, and maximize the return on their advertising investments in the dynamic mobile ecosystem. 

Demand-side-platforms and NextGrowthLabs

Using NGL’s sophisticated mobile attribution tools, advertisers can effortlessly monitor the performance of various DSPs. Accessing the attribution dashboard allows for a side-by-side comparison of the performance of different ad DSP providers, with the ability to break it down to the creative or placement level. 

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NGL also features a roster of integrated partners among DSPs. These DSP platforms have seamlessly integrated with the NGL’s API, making it even more straightforward to assess performance. Use them well for accomplishing efficient and outcome-driven online advertising campaigns.