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Local rank tracking helps you check the visibility of your Google business profile and understand where your business ranks in the local search results. So, let’s know more about this concept and how your business can benefit from it.

What is Local Rank Tracking?

Local rank tracking, or local SERP tracking, involves monitoring the search engine results pages (SERPs) and how your business ranks to users in specific target locations. When users conduct Google searches, the search engine utilizes their location to offer personalized and relevant results. 

Depending on the search query, the SERP may include a local pack or a teaser pack, showcasing information from Google Business Profiles of local businesses related to the search. Google tailors SERPs to various geographical extents, ranging from broad, country-wide results to narrow, neighborhood-specific outcomes.

The synergy between local SEO and a local rank tracker is integral. A local online rank tracker serves the purpose of evaluating the efficiency of your local SEO strategies, while the goal of local SEO is to attain the high rankings targeted through these efforts.

Benefits of Local Rank Tracking for Your Business

Here are some of the advantages of performing local rank tracking:

  • Helps in Understanding Local Search Performance

When you check local ranks of your business, you can understand their local search performance. You can gain insights into a business’s ranking for a specific keyword in a defined location. It enables businesses to assess their visibility in local search results, Google Maps ranking, organic, and mobile results. You can also analyze competitor performance and track changes in ranking positions over time. 

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Additionally, this tracker also helps in gauging presence in local packs and offers a holistic view of their localized online visibility. This empowers strategic adaptations to stay competitive in specific regions for the business. 

  • Local Searches Have High Buyer Intent

Local searches often indicate a higher intent to purchase. For instance, someone searching for a car wash in their locality is likely not interested in the history of car washes but is focused on getting their car washed promptly. Achieving high rankings in local searches is therefore, significantly valuable for local business SEO.

  • Significantly Beneficial for Physical Stores

Local rank tracking is particularly beneficial for businesses with a physical presence as it helps you to identify your position in Google SERPs. It becomes highly valuable when you aim to draw people to a specific location or target an audience situated in a particular area. Engaging in local SEO by leveraging a local ranking checker enhances foot traffic to your business, which increases the scope for more revenue.  

  • Focuses on Specific Searches

Local rank tracking filters out irrelevant data and hones in on the most relevant searches for your business. While regular rank tracking offers a broader perspective, a local Google position checker zeroes in on crucial data. This targeted approach, particularly in terms of location, minimizes time and resource wastage. 

  • Information on the Competitive Landscape

Navigating the local search landscape demands a deep understanding of your competitors. Delve into their rank performance with the aid of a rank tracking tool to pinpoint areas where you can strategically outperform and forge ahead. This insight allows you to identify competitive opportunities and carve out a distinctive position in the local market. 

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Useful Rank Tracker Tools by NextGrowth Labs

In order to perform rank tracking successfully, you need to leverage local SEO tools.You can utilize the rank tracker free Free Bulk Keyword Rank Checker, a useful keyword ranking tool that helps you identify the ranks of specific keywords for a website. You can also choose the Google SERP Rank Tracker to check the position of keywords. 

This is one of the SEO checkers that helps you find the present rank so that you can implement relevant strategies to ensure your ranking is high on Google and other search engines. The Track App Ranks is another helpful tool which helps you to track your app rankings in the SERPs. 


Thus, by doing local SEO, you can rank more effectively in the search results with a local intent. A Google local rank checker plays an integral role since it helps you check the rankings of different keywords. Therefore, make use of useful online local trackers to elevate the rankings for your business to the next level.