There’s a good chance that your site may be a target of invalid clicks. While Google filters out invalid clicks pretty well, not all the invalid clicks are identified.

This guide assumes that you are very well versed with the data stack for ads. This guide is meant for advanced users.

How it works?

  • You’d need click reports – you can get those using Google Ads API. Here’s a documentation on the same.
  • Our proprietary ICDT {invalid click detection tool). Currently, only our internal teams have access to it – but we will soon roll it out to public.

    For the sake of simplicity, we will load the weblog data to Metabase BI tool. So here, we will use Metabase to get clicks and IP address data. And, our ICDT tool to get anomaly data from the dataset. Generally, We prepare Weblog Reports on a Monthly Basis so each month, we will export the last month’s data. (Please note that Google only allows you to submit weblog data of last 60 days.)

Step 1 – Getting Clicks Data from Ads API

  • Here’s the format of the table – for the click report.
Table for Google Ads click report to claim credit for invalid clicks

Enter the filter for last 30 days (or any duration, upto 60 days).

Step 2 – Get the server logs – your webmaster can help you with it, every server log, will contain the url – including gclid, and the IP address.

You can use a simple regex, or run DBT to periodically create this table. The table for the server logs would look as follows.

IP and Gclid table.

Step-3 Use our tool to find anomalies.

Using our tool to identify the anomalies. At the time of writing, this Google ad tool is only available to our teams internally.

Upload the file that you get in the first step

Step 4 – Join the table of anomalous clicks with the server log report. It should look as follows

Final Weblog Click report to claim refund for invalid clicks

Now, you can send this report to They’d generally send it to their team for investigation and credit you – if there are any invalid clicks that they didn’t filter out.