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An offerwall is an app-monetization unit displaying various incentivized advertising offers. Users can complete multiple offers in exchange for receiving in-app rewards. This mobile monetization strategy is usually presented in gaming apps, however can be used across all verticals.


How Does an Offerwall Work?


Offerwalls act as a marketplace for users and advertisers, similar to an in-app mini store. These ads are typically located in high-traffic locations like the app’s store or it pops up at optimal time. This initiates the user to take action and make use of the rewards. For example, a user can watch a video if they need a hint on what steps to take in a game. 


What are the Advantages of Offerwall Ads?


  • Offerwall ads are user-initiated, so they aren’t disruptive like traditional ads. This increases the retention rate of app users and also improves their experience since they can gain from these ads without paying.
  • They offer users the opportunity to earn points, virtual currency, hints, temporary premium benefits, and time-limit extensions, among others for free. This method helps sites and apps monetize their non-paying users. 
  • These ads increase the chance of in-app purchases. As users get a glimpse of the premium features, they are more likely to end up deciding on the in-app purchase upfront. 
  • Offerwalls help in increasing your app revenue. These ads deliver an extremely effective cost per mille or eCPM for app developers. 


How Can You Maximize Offerwall Ads?


There are multiple processes for maximizing offerwall ads:

  • Segment Your Users: Create your offerwalls based on different users such as non-spenders vs. spenders, active vs. passive players and newcomers vs. returning users. 
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  • Execute Branding: Match the look and feel of your offerwall to your in-app experience so that users are less likely to see it as an ad. Ensure proper color scheme, symbols and art to maintain consistency.

  • Keep it Seamless: Update the choices of tasks regularly so that well-retained players get new offers and don’t get bored. The choices include taking a survey, completing a level, playing a mini-game, etc. 

  • Choose the Correct Time: If you opt for the pop-up method, carefully select the time that typically leads users to close the app. 

  • Conduct A/B Testing: Execute A/B testing to see which method works best for your app. Collect the data and work it according to your advantage. 


Thus, understand how offerwalls work and leverage it to gain success. Optimize them by using different strategies and use them as an effective revenue source.