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Google Play Store is the most sought-after app market for app developers to publish and promote their apps to a broad spectrum of android users. It is the first and the most prominent app market that acts as a secure and guarded medium for app store users and marketers.

Google Play Store is run by the tech-giant Google to support and engage the android network. It is the most popular online marketplace among users to buy, install and rent a variety of digital content. While Google Play Store primarily aims to host over three million apps, it also extends to offer other forms of services like system updates and entertainment.

Key interesting facts about Google Play Store

  • Google Play Store is the most vital element of Google Play. It offers maximum exposure to all the app developers and access to all games and apps for the app store visitors. Google Play Store features a combination of paid and free apps under a wide range of categories. Such as fitness, social media, photography, educational, fashion, and entertainment.
  • Google Play store users and developers can use the payment options offered in the play store to manage their subscriptions, in-app purchases, and other payments.
  • The Play store users can rent or buy from an assortment of movies and TV shows by accessing Google Play Movies & TV. Currently, this feature is integrated with the Google TV app. The Google TV app is a library of an incredible collection of classics, the latest shows, and movies.
  • Google Play Games is another exciting option for android users that offers a wide range of games. This free, cloud-based service lets users share their scores and access other leaderboards and social features that are adaptable to Google Play Games.
  • Therefore, as an app developer, you must keep in mind your game’s adaptability with Google Play Games while designing to give your users a great gaming experience. Because the Play Store does not support all the games in Google Play Games. 
  • In addition, the “Instant Play” feature allows users to try out popular games without downloading the game. This lets users know what to expect from the game and avoid the risk of being uninstalled immediately after downloading. These short game trailers also ensure that you effectively reach your target audience.
  • Another exciting feature is the Google Play books which hoard more than four million eBooks that users can browse through and then download or buy. It is an audiobook and eBook library with various categories like fiction, non-fiction, self-help books, biographies, and many more. 
  • Users have  to install the Google Play Books app to download and read the eBooks. Users can find paid visibility along with access to free books in the app. The app gives book recommendations and lets users organize their book collection on their reading list shelf.
  • Google Play’s System Updates feature provides users with recent updates and bug fixes. System Update’s service is vital for the user’s everyday device operations, such as account and connection management, location services, device security, and more. The updates are compatible with Android 10 and other newer devices.
  • Google Play Pass is a subscription-based feature that allows users to access games and apps for a monthly or annual subscription fee. This feature was introduced to ease the entry of games and apps into the Google Play Store.
  • Security is a primary aspect that needs to be attended to ensure an app store is a safe place for both the users and the app developers. So, Google Play Protect was built-in to ensure device security is maintained, zeroing the risk of end-user downloading malware. The feature, by default, scans the device for unsafe apps and also before downloading.
  • Google Play Protect demands integrity from app developers about their data collection and privacy policies. Play Protect will warn the users if an app with a misleading or unsafe data collection policy is found. 
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Google Play Store offers users and app developers a wide range of services and avenues to benefit from. The features and updates provided by Google Play are a boon to both users and developers. It ensures the app market is a conducive and safe platform for all the participants to gain a favorable app store experience.