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In the last article, we changed the title – based on the search console data for our rummy app list page and here are the results:

  1. We started ranking on over 800 search terms vs 350+ in the past. The number of keywords – where we lost the ranks – had minuscule impressions (It’s possible that some of the keywords may have had no searches on that given day).  We are waiting to get fortnight’s worth of data and compare the same – if there’s any deviation, we will update the post.
  2. Our impressions increased by over 2.5x (So the current total is 3.5x from pre-intervention period).

    Impact of Data Driven Title Change

    Impressions improved after title change.

  3. Rankings improved for certain keywords we were monitoring. (We deliberately didn’t blur the keywords). Notice that the max rank drop is 3. (Could it change in upcoming days?). We’ve built a search console tool to run some device/country level aggregations. As we aren’t a big fan of search console UI and limitations. We did expect some drop – because we replaced some keywords with the other.

    Now, that’s really awesome – for a simple title change, isn’t it? We initially built all this stack to improve the CTR of meta description, and this was a secondary goal – but the results have been pretty cool. Now, we are running a larger experiment over a lot of pages. Hopefully, we’d have some statistics around how many pages saw spike in impressions, median etc. That’s a story for another post.

If you have tried this on your website, and would like to share results, please contact us.

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