Types of SEOSearch engine optimization is refining your website to increase your Google rankings and for keywords related to your business. It is one of the most potent digital marketing tactics you can unquestionably invest your money and time into. There are many methods by which you can make the best out of this practice.

SEO is built to enhance your site’s visibility and thereby helps in generating more website traffic in an organic way. Internet users usually prefer to choose from the top 10 search results while looking for a product or service. Your site can reach the top charts  if you consistently provide quality content to the target audience. Search engine optimization allows you to optimize keywords by giving insights into users and market preferences. Read further to learn about the different types of SEO and their features. please visit backlinks metrics for aso

A comprehensive guide to types of SEO

Types of SEO

Boost website visibility with On-page SEO

  • It is the method of optimizing your website content, including content copy, meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, headers, images, and more.
  • To make your on-page SEO effective, research the keywords well. Find the terms and phrases that can rank well on search engines. Study and explore the words with high search volume and relevance, not to forget the keywords with low competition. Collaborate with your writing team to be in sync with optimizing ideas and use these chosen keywords with proper density in your content
  • It is essential to optimize your site’s metadata, especially the title and descriptions. Metadata represents the content page for the users and Google, so include relevant content and keywords that increase your chances of ranking high. It is crucial to optimize your entire page because sometimes Google might rewrite the metadata with another page copy.
  • Internal links are a boon to enhance the user experience and your site’s popularity. These URLs can link to other pages on your site and also use links on the main keywords linking them to high-authority pages, which is a win-win for both the user and your site.
  • On-page SEO is an excellent way of marketing by helping Google better understand your site’s content. When Google acknowledges and indexes your page, you will be recommended and ranked well by Google.

Enhance online presence with Off-page SEO

  • Off-page SEO optimizes everything outside your site to improve awareness and rank in Google’s SERPs. Off-page SEO is about working on external ranking elements like getting links from trusted sites in the same category as you, effective social media marketing, encouraging users to give positive reviews on online forums, and many more. 
  • At the same time, make sure that the acquired links are genuine and relevant. The links must be from authoritative sources, able to bring qualified traffic, and are “follow” links.
  • Write appealing articles or blogs and publish them through popular online publications. Target niche publishers who can easily reach your target audience. Your site content and your promotional posts must accurately convey the brand message. Do not make it a monetary deal, as it is against Google guidelines.
  • Monitor and analyze the profile of your top competitors. Find the sources and sites for their performing links. Check the keywords they use; you can use these to benchmark and improve your SEO strategy.
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Optimize your website for better rankings with Technical SEO

  • Technical SEO primarily focuses on actions that help search engines crawl your site and enhance user experience (UX). This type of SEO keeps evolving because the search engines and algorithms keep advancing, and the requirements also change. 

  • Technical SEO must be smooth and efficient to ensure your site’s UX and Google algorithms are issue free.

  • Focus on your website speed to influence Google’s ranking. Your template must be clear and straightforward with limited redirects. 

  • Your website must be easily accessible and readable for users coming from desktops to mobile phones for product or service searches.

  • Ensure that the internal links are consistent with a steady URL structure. Implement HTTPS hypertext and create a clean navigation hierarchy.

Reach your regional target audience with Local SEO

  • While SEO focuses on a global level, Local SEO, a slight variant of SEO, strives to improve your online presence in the local community. It is essential in promoting your products/services to the local audience.

  • While ranking the search results, Google primarily considers the details in your “My Business Profile”. This includes your address, business hours, reviews, images, and description. 

  • Google will study the relevance, prominence, and proximity of the user’s search query and match those with your business criteria before displaying the search results.

  • The key benefit of Local SEO is that it is precise, and you can effectively target your potential users. Which also ups your chances of ranking well locally.

White Hat SEO: Ethical Strategies for Long-Term Success

  • White Hat SEO targets optimization for long-term benefits by adhering to Google’s search engine guidelines. It is best suited to enhance the integrity and goodwill of your brand. 

  • So, when a search engine algorithm changes, you have a very low risk of being banned or rejected in the search results.

  • On the whole, it is a low-risk and high rewards option if done right, like ensuring relevant and quality content, using well-researched keywords, and getting links from high-authority sites for your on-page content excellence.
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Black Hat SEO: Unethical Tactics to Avoid at all costs

  • The protocol and the functioning of a Black Hat SEO are exactly opposite to the White Hat SEO. It finds and gains from the search engine’s weak spots and ambiguities to rank well on SERP (search engine results page). It uses all the not-so-favorable means to achieve quick results. 
  • The methods include breaching the search engine’s guidelines, building links using paid methods, overuse of keywords, and inconsistent content for users and search engines, etc, to rank high. So, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if, using the Black Hat SEO, your website is blacklisted or drops to a very low ranking. 

Grey Hat SEO: A fine line between white and black hat techniques

  • Grey hat SEO falls between the White and Black hat SEO method in approach and tactics. Most SEO agencies use this method under tremendous pressure to achieve quick results. Though Google does not explicitly prohibit this method, it is still considered unfavorable, which draws unsought outcomes. 

  • It’s about sensational sub-standard content that does not add value to the user and a suspicious network of links between paid reviews and websites. So, it is wise to avoid these deceitful methods to save your brand image.

The Shadowy World of Negative SEO

Negative SEO is the most undesired and unethical method among the other SEO types. It directly attacks your competitor’s rankings so that you can benefit by taking their place. The unscrupulous tactics of hacking a site, creating fake or low-quality links, and deliberately posting negative reviews fall under the Negative SEO method.

Optimize your site for a seamless mobile experience with Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO ensures that your website is well-optimized and flawlessly accessible on mobile phones. This SEO method makes reaching your target users at the right place and time easier, ensuring they get the best possible experience. Mobile SEO facilitates analyzing your website’s layout, speed, and other key factors to make sure the site visitors are not annoyed and turned away due to the inadequacy of information. 

E-commerce SEO: Drive organic traffic to your Online Store

E-commerce SEO takes care of optimizing your online businesses. E-commerce SEO incorporates all aspects of a successful SEO that enables you to earn money, sell products or services and expand your online presence. Among the several types of queries searched and answered by the search engine, many are related to eCommerce. Therefore, Ecommerce SEO acts beneficial for you in increasing the site’s traffic and ranking.

Expand your reach beyond borders with International SEO

International SEO ensures your website is able to generate organic traffic from different regions and languages. Your website will be made available to your target audience in their language and currency, customized according to their preferences and cultural beliefs. Make sure to use the correct date format and communicate in their language to build a good relationship. All this will give your target audience a positive perception and experience of your website.

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Creating engaging content for higher rankings with Content SEO

  • However good you are at authoring content in a scheduled frequency, it will need a structured SEO strategy to improve brand awareness. Content SEO is best suited when your content quality is high and optimized to rank well in search engine results. Eventually, it will be able to attract more traffic and achieve your goal quickly. 

  • Content SEO works towards creating SEO-friendly content that search engines can crawl and index, satisfying the user’s search intent. 

  • So, when you decide to use the content SEO method, it is essential to optimize your existing content and develop a strategy that suits well for your business.

YouTube SEO: Optimize your videos for maximum views

  • YouTube is one of the most popular and common choices of search engines for users across the world. To climb the popularity charts, creating videos that are appealing is not just enough. 

  • You need to understand the factors influencing the algorithm, create rich metadata for your video, optimize your YouTube channel, create videos with quality content, draft SEO-friendly descriptions, design attractive thumbnails, and many more.

  • An SEO-friendly title and description are essential for the success of your YouTube SEO. The description should match and promote your video content, relevance, and purpose to the algorithm. 

  • Do not forget to use the most popular and relevant keywords in the description. In addition, using hashtags and meta tags can help in boosting visibility.


Search engine optimization is the best digital marketing technique to promote your product or service. There are different types of SEO that come with unique features and benefits. Using the right SEO strategy, you can achieve a high Google search result ranking and reach the target user more quickly. SEO solely relies on keyword research and optimization to optimize the content and get the algorithm’s attention. 

There are various ways by which one can take advantage of the practice. SEO aids in generating site traffic organically. To be among the top 10 choices for the user:

  1. Offer well-drafted quality content that is optimized using an SEO strategy.
  2. Choose the best method that will suit your business category and target audience.
  3. Stay informed about the latest trends in your segment and your competitor’s winning techniques.

Additionally, adhering to Google’s search engine guidelines will increase your chances of being recommended and ranked well by Google.