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App store optimization (ASO) is the ongoing process of optimizing your App to get a high ranking on an app store result page. A high ranking in the search results can help you gain more visibility among potential customers. This increased visibility translates into more traffic to your App.

With innumerable apps in the major app stores, keeping your App discoverable is one of the biggest challenges app developers face today. Here the crucial role of ASO comes to play. Read further to learn the key elements that the App Store Optimization strategy targets to get your App to secure a high ranking.

Important factors addressed by ASO

App Name

The keyword in your App Name carries the highest weightage in driving more traffic to your App. So, make the App name/title creative and also easily memorable with the most relevant keyword. 


Understand the most used keywords by the users and the most relevant ones. Then, place the target keyword in your App name and description to improve your app visibility. 

You can track these keywords and those used by your competitors to effectively reach out to your target audience.

App Description

 All the users do not read the App descriptions fully. You have to impress those users with the App name and screenshots. So make the best use of this opportunity by successfully highlighting the key features and functions of the App.

Place the most relevant keywords in the appropriate places to further encourage the user to download the App

App reviews

User reviews and ratings are important for those who’re unfamiliar with your app brand.

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Apps with high ratings will automatically get a higher rank. So, you find a way to connect with your users inside the App, giving them a good chance, like push notification, to converse and connect with you.

Motivate existing users to leave positive reviews. Reply and deal with the negative reviews too. Feedback and opinion from the users are crucial in understanding the App’s performance. So, for a high-rated app increasing the user base becomes easier.

App Downloads

The ultimate goal of an ASO strategy is to make sure the app downloads increase and bring more app revenue. So, concentrate and improvise the visual elements of the App, i.e., the App screenshots and preview video. They play a significant role in convincing indecisive app visitors. Make them catchy, showcasing the value and benefits the user will gain by downloading the App.

Key points to remember while implementing ASO

  • Along with an ASO strategy, advertise your app brand to gain app recognition and awareness.
  • Like conversion rates, Retention rates are also important to maintain the App’s credibility.
  • Remember, a high app ranking directly influences optimized search results. So, maintain the App’s content quality.
  • As much as the usage of keywords is important, so is the relevance and the success of the keywords used. So, research the keywords that will suit your App and the user category.
  • Understand the target audience to optimize your App Store listing to help you gain visibility. 
  • Remember, ASO is a continuous process. So, to make the best of it, track the App’s performance and changing market trends to manage the competition.
  • Track regularly the keywords and the themes used by the top-ranked competitors. This will indicate the keywords that perform and the campaigns that work.
  • When you learn which, keywords are used, you can better understand the potential users’ language and tone in the best keywords.
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