We are revamping our site, and will be live with a new version by next month.

We’ve launched a new online content writing assistant. This is a seo content writing assistant. This writer friendly tool is meant for bloggers, writers, who are looking to write content for a perfect SEO. Earlier, we had this tool as a doc add-on on Google Workspace. However, now this content assistant can also be accessed from our website.

What does this free content writing tool do and what are the top features?

You can keep track of words that you intend to use in the article. Simply, add the keywords in the keyword field and hit the submit button. Now, as you type, it will check if the keyword has been used in the article or not. If it is, then it would show in the included section – along with the number of times, the keyword is repeated. This smart keyword checker works real time. It also displays the total character count – which is beneficial for writing SEO titles, meta descriptions, ASO title, description for app. It’s very useful free tool for digital marketing and content analysis. However, if you prefer, sheet extension, you can get the same from the workspace marketplace.

SEO Writing Assistant Upcoming Features & Other Use Cases

Currently, it does not have any formatting options. However, we do intend to introduce this, along with plagiarism checker in the future. We also intend to include – word count, spelling.

You can also write ppc ad copies, resume, SEM optimised articles with it. With this, you can generate quality SEO content.

In fact, this content piece was written with this writing assistant.

Advance, Game Changer Features – Writer Ready For Pro Review

Since we specialise in data driven SEO, we wanted the tool to handle similar words. So, you can indicate similar words in square brackets. Simply put, suppose you enter these four keywords, [gives, give], vivo, samresh. Notice that gives, and give are similar keyword, and thus are included in square brackets. So, if you just add one keyword – say give, then both the words will be marked as added.


Update April 2023

Now, this free seo writing assistant tool also has SEO readability score & best search engine ranking. It also shows the time that it’d take to read the content. Do let us know if you have any feedback on any of our free content writing tools for seo.


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