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The success of ASO relies on your grasp of the intricacies of the market. The success of ASO depends upon many factors e.g., other apps’ promotional methods, category, and competition. 

Key factors that influence ASO’s effectiveness

App store optimization outcomes are usually difficult to predict. It’s because they involve a combination of internal and external aspects influencing the optimization opportunities.

External Factors that influence ASO.

Competition in the market | Competitors ASO Strategy

Less visibility means intense competition pressure for a relatively new app. So, the app’s chances of being relegated are very high.

The volume of niche traffic

Users, usually search for well-known brands. If the traffic in the niche segment is already high, then you should go beyond ASO and engage in other app promotions like blogging or influencer advertising.

The organic traffic in your app category

Organic traffic indicates the users who install your app through an app store search. An appropriate ASO strategy will help you increase organic traffic in your app.

Changes in the app stores

You have to stay informed at all times of the updates in the app stores. These updates can have either a positive or negative influence on the visibility of your app. 

Changes in market and user demand

Search queries and app traffic can fluctuate depending on the changes in the app market and the user’s expectations. Any seasonal or global event can also affect the app traffic.

Pricing policies of app stores

The app store fees, or commission policies will impact the app’s user base. The prices of in-app purchases or payment methods can make the users rethink using the app for longer periods.

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Competitor’s advertising tactics

Aggressive campaigns by the competitors or entry of a new players can adversely affect your app traffic.

Internal Factors that influence ASO

Misaligned ASO strategy 

The changes you make to the app’s elements must be in line with the goal set via ASO strategy. If not, there is a high risk of the app’s relegation.

Errors in the app updates 

 The errors that the users spot after an app update directly impacts the app’s retention and conversion. Many users might uninstall the app and leave a low rating.

How to improve the effectiveness of ASO

  • Check the app’s key metrics. The app’s content quality, reviews, ratings, and functionality must be error-free and of high-quality. 
  • Analyze the changes in the app’s semantic core by the keywords used. After that, choose between popular or competitive keywords depending on the app’s position. 
  • Consider the keyword relevance before choosing the keywords. 
  • Use a combination of relevant keywords in the app’s text elements (title and description). It can help you rank high.
  • Monitor the changes that the competitors make. Analyze your competitors’ search queries, app creatives, and campaign methods. Analyze some of their ideas and update your app accordingly.


App store optimization significantly can increase app installs. Results can be achieved shortly after app optimization if the strategy works in tandem with the other campaigns promoting the app.