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Best news app in india With branding, customization, and user engagement, gaining priority, mobile apps are leading the market. Ever since apps were introduced, the manner and the intensity of internet usage have been fast evolving, providing thriving platforms for e-commerce and credible sources to millions of mobile users worldwide. In addition to attracting a significant percentage of internet traffic, apps are a window to an enhanced lifestyle that brings impossible choices and services to your fingertips.

News apps are no exception to the convenience and exposure they offer users by effortlessly compiling and streamlining national and world news. Over a period, news apps have grown to accommodate preferences, regional metrics, and diverse news topics to improve their functionality Best News Apps in India  . Best News Apps in India addressing its users’ shopping, educational, and entertainment needs, apps have taken a primary role in enhancing and advancing the user’s lifestyle. Read on to learn everything about popular news apps and their intriguing features.

best news app in india

Top News Apps in India 2023

App Name Rating Installs App URL Highlight
Google News – Daily Headlines 4.1⭐ 1B+ Playstore link ✅ Makes it easy to stay
✅ Dive deeper into a story with multiple perspectives
✅ Google News will continue to work smoothly
Inshorts 4.3⭐ 10M+ Playstore link ✅ Easier access to information
✅ Now, stories and shorts are also available in Hindi
✅ Simple, elegantly quick interface
Flipboard 4.0⭐ 500M+ Playstore link ✅ Keep up on all your interests with the latest stories
✅ Get amazing content and curation on Flipboard
✅ informative stories
Times Of India 4.2⭐ 10M+ Playstore link ✅ Get updates every morning & evening
✅ Receive customized feeds as per language preference
✅ All kinds of news in one place
India Today 4.1⭐ 1M+ Playstore link ✅ This app brings you the latest breaking news
✅ India Today TV right on your mobile device
✅ Multiple award-winning
✅ Get all the latest news from Mail
BBC News 4.3⭐ 10M+ Playstore link ✅ Get top of the news of the day
✅ You can quickly find content and topics
✅ Popular stories and videos are available
CNN News 4.6⭐ 50M+ Playstore link ✅ Get daily news, in-depth reporting, expert
commentary and more.
✅ Set custom alerts and notifications for news update
✅ Watch exclusive news programs
NDTV News 4.4⭐ 5M+ Playstore link ✅ FULL COVERAGE OF News Events
✅ Daily Video Updates from the World
✅ Live video & audio stream
Newspoint 3.9⭐ 50M+ Playstore link ✅ Get personalized news feed, daily viral videos
✅ latest live tv news
✅ Watch Live News, Top Videos & Viral Photos
The Hindu 4.4⭐ 10M+ Playstore link ✅ All in one news platform
✅ Unlimited non premium access
✅ Honest journalism

Best News Update App in India

Google News

  • Google News is a pragmatic app that aggregates, organizes, and highlights world news in a personalized manner.
  • The app’s Your Briefing is a convenient feature that will help you to keep up with news and stories that matter to you. It gives you daily updates, bringing relevant and vital national and international news tailored to suit your interests.
  • Through local news updates Top News Apps in India, you can stay well-informed about the happenings and trending stories in your locality. You can also change or add locations according to your requirements.
  • Watch the trending story unfold before you with the app’s Full Coverage feature that lets you deep-dive into a piece of news or story from different perspectives. The feature systematizes everything about a story and covers the highlights and how the other sources and outlets report it. 
  • In the app’s For you section, you can customize the settings to receive personalized news or articles on topics and sources that interest you.
  • The app is adaptable and accessible from different mobile devices with a basic internet connection. Even when the connection gets slower, Google News slims down the data size and images and will continue to work for you.

Inshorts news app – Best News Apps in India 

  • The app is popular for the forthright and concise news that is compiled and personalized for its users. You will have the latest and the top news from national and global channels perfectly summarised into 60 words or lesser in English or Hindi (as you prefer). 
  • These summarised stories will have headlines and facts without opinions or debates to help you stay abreast of current affairs.
  • Whether it is BCCI news, Bollywood titbits, science and nature updates, or political talk, the app brings it together coherently and elegantly tailored to suit your interests. You can opt for limited daily notifications for the headlines and breaking news.
  • The app’s accolades include “The best app of 2015” by Google, acclaimed by Times of India as “Made for India to simplify your life,” and praised by Buzzfeed as “Makes Indian student’s life easier.”
  • The app’s Search feature makes news (old or new) search and access easier than before by using a simple keyword search. The feature also gives suggestions based on your search history. You can read summaries of all the breaking news from the News Reader section. You can also browse through 60-word bite-sized shorts for updates on the latest news in a short time.
  • The app’s intuitive UI learns about your preferences and brings you personalized stories in the My Feed option. You can access and benefit from the My Feed menu’s tailored latest videos, stories, and news content.
  • Inshorts covers and curates a vast category of news and headlines from topics that include politics, entertainment, science, business, technology, the world, weather, and sports under one roof. The news is obtained from different outlets and sources such as Indian Express, Reuters, PTI, The Guardian, NYT, Outlook, TechCrunch, and more to ensure the users get the best news and experience.
  • Whether you wish to keep up with current affairs or equip yourself for competitive exams like CAT, UPSC, or government exams, the Inshorts app will make you stay ahead of the curve by providing you with the latest news.

Flipboard – The social magazine app

  • The app collates and presents credible news content on varied topics curated by experts and renowned publishers from the local and world community. Learn beyond the typical news and hot gossip and get better insights into the news/stories that matter to you.
  • You can personalize the app to suit your interests, requirements, and location. Follow, involve, and enlighten yourself on a wide range of topics like business, health, sports, tech, cooking, travel, entertainment, and more.
  • Make a list of your favorite stories in Flipboard Magazine. You just need to use the ‘+’ to add the story to your own magazine and then share your ideas and insights with the community of news enthusiasts.
  • The news and stories are from popular national publishers, including ESPN, Associate Press, National Geographic, The Washington Post, NPR, TIME, BBC, The Atlantic, CBS, NBC, and many more.
  • Opt for the Flipboard newsletter for specially curated content in your inbox covering topics for food buffs, tech enthusiasts, weather and environmental updates, travel tips for the globe trotters, and more.

Times Of India daily news app

  • The TOI app is a popular choice for all news zealots. It offers everything that an avid news reader will look for, covering categories such as politics, sports, world news, environment, fashion, science, technology, and education, in the form of breaking news, the latest headlines, trending stories, & in-depth coverage.
  • Covering national and international news, the app has a dedicated section for entertainment, sports, and technology to give you the best and the latest news in the same place. The app delivers the latest news with 14 different language options, including English, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi, Nepali, and more.
  • The Times Of India app provides news in shorts as visual stories, photo galleries, and trending stories for different news categories. Watch the live streaming news coverage of the trending headlines on the Times Now Live TV & Times Now Live Audio. Use the LiveBlog feature to get real-time cricket updates. 
  • Below are the other interesting features of the app.
  • Simple and concise news updates as Briefs.
  • With the app’s smart updates feature, get the latest news updates and trending headlines every morning and evening.
  • Watch the live coverage of breaking news (business and entertainment) on ET Now, Times Now, Zoom Live TV, and Mirror Now TV.
  • Customize the frequency and time of the notifications based on your interests. Receive personalized feeds in your My Feeds section as per your language preference from the top publishers.
  • You can switch to night mode reading and change the display settings for a better reading experience. Share your favorite stories with your family and friends on FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, and more.
  • Enjoy a premium reading experience with daily exclusive stories and expert opinions with a TOI subscription. You will also get access to well-researched stories through an in-app purchase. After the purchase confirmation, the subscription will be debited from your play store account.

India Today – English News app

  • The app brings you the latest breaking news in English. Whether it is the latest news on politics, Bollywood, world, national, technology, or science, the app brings it all to you to equip you with current affairs.
  • The app also provides breaking news alerts, opinion columns, debates, exclusive interviews, analysis, features, and commentary from a trusted network of expert reporters and journalists. 
  • India Today app gives in-depth content and news that matters to you, becoming your live news channel, magazine, website, and newspaper all rolled into one perfect app.
  • You can now watch the live coverage of all breaking news and headlines on your mobile and on Hotstar. Enjoy the award-winning and India’s first political cartoon series, “So Sorry.” Follow your favorite TV shows like Newstrack with Rahul Kanwal, News Today with Rajdeep Sardesai, 5IVE LIVE, Sports Today, India First, Auto Today, and many other interesting ones.
  • Watch, listen, or read the latest news and stories from India and around the world. Catch up on the Live TV news from India Today, Aaj Tak, Delhi Aaj Tak, and Tez.
  • The search news option makes it easy and quick for you to access news in English, which includes news updates, photos, and videos. The India Today Magazine provides all the iconic stories from expert journalists nationwide.
  • Tune in and listen to our experts discuss and debate national and international happenings. You will get to access the photo galleries of the trending and best shots of movie celebrities, sportsmen, industrialists, and politicians.

BBC news app

  • The app gets you all the latest news from the BBC and its global network of journalists. The BBC World Service Radio is streamed live, with social features and a personalization option to change the news categories to suit your preferences.
  • The app’s My News feature allows you to personalize your news offering and add stories from the topics that interest you. The stories will be available in the My News feed menu, where you can order stories based on topic or time. Use the Manage Topics page for the day’s latest updates.
  • The Top Stories option brings you the headlines and breaking news from a trusted team of journalists.
  • The search feature helps you quickly find the content of your interest. It also suggests topics based on your location, stories you have recently viewed, and the latest updates. You can also choose from the standard index list, such as Politics, Business, Entertainment, and Health.
  • The app’s newsroom provides updates on popular stories and videos throughout the day. Listen and get insights from the experts and journalists on the Live BBC World Service Radio. 
  • Enjoy and educate yourself with the best journalism reports, a range of videos, audio, and photo galleries.
  • Opt for Push notifications for the latest news stories best news app in india. Enjoy an improved offline experience by downloading and reading the latest stories at your leisure. The app also provides settings that will allow the app to automatically update in the background.
  • Share on social media your favorite stories. You can also customize the display settings for a better reading experience.

CNN news app

  • The app is the first and the quickest to provide its users with the latest breaking news updates. The app has correspondents and journalists reporting worldwide to keep you abreast of current affairs. 
  • From a wide range of options like politics, weather, sports, finance, health, and entertainment, the app lets you choose the news category of your choice. 
  • Get expert commentary, daily news, and in-depth reporting. You can also read and save the articles for later. Customize the news alerts and notifications.
  • Listen and watch the news on CNN Live audio from your trusted, popular anchors. Enjoy a 10-minute preview of the live CNN coverage each day. 

NDTV news app

  • NDTV is another popular app that brings you the latest news and videos from every corner of the nation and the world. Access the videos and photos on your mobiles, watch live streaming news, listen to live radio, and view photo galleries using the NDTV news app.
  • The app’s renowned journalists and expert reporters bring you the latest business, food and entertainment, politics, and sports news to stay updated with current affairs.
  • The full coverage of the trending events can be viewed as headlines or stories, and you can also share them on your Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp accounts with your friends and family.
  • You will get daily video updates on popular categories and access to the app’s slides and photo galleries.

Newspoint news app

The app is popularly called “Made for India” for daily local news and is used and preferred by 30 million Indian readers. You will get the trending news in a brief format from trusted national and international publishers. The app collates and provides news from over 1000 trusted best news app in india channels in more than twenty Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Odia, Marathi, Nepali, and more.

The app provides live cricket news, politics, environment, updates, and tips on Lifestyle, Wellness, Health, Fitness, and more. Below are the app’s awards and accolades.

  • “Best News App of 2017 by 8th CMO Asia Awards, Singapore.”
  • “Best News App of 2018 by World Marketing Congress, Mumbai.”
  • “Best News App of 2018 by 9th CMO Asia Awards, Singapore.”

Receive personalized news feed, trending videos, top headlines, and local news, and access trending photos or videos in shorts, public news, and other live news updates on Politics, movies, sports, business, etc.

The Hindu news app

  • The Hindu news app is owned by The Hindu Group, one of the most trusted news publishing company that has been popular for its just and unbiased journalism ever since 1878. It is also India’s first newspaper to enter the digital news realm. 
  • Read and preferred by some of India’s distinguished economists, leaders, government officials, and renowned public figures; it is also a time-tested learning source for aspiring IAS and IPS officers.
  • Stay informed on the breaking news, follow trending stories through live updates, and educate yourself from credible sources on national and world news, entertainment, sports news, and 25 other news categories.
  • Explore and experience a different news experience altogether by accessing the best articles, popular podcasts and videos, and photos and cartoons, all in the same app. You can also personalize your feed with news on topics and locations of your preference.
  • The digital subscription benefits include unlimited access with no monthly limits, a seamless interface, access to exclusive editorials and news, and interact and participate in webinars with famous journalists.


News apps are windows that are kept open to the wide world. They help you stay updated on current affairs in trending categories like business and finance, sports and education, and entertainment and education by bringing you the latest news at your fingertips. Also check Best Personal Loan Apps in India

The intuitive features, appealing app layout, and live-streaming news enhance the app experience for the user. Personalize your news feed and access titbits in shorts, featured columns, and editorials to suit your preferences and interests. Get the experience of surfing through flashy magazines, pragmatic business newsletters, and extravagant news channels, all in one place, as your news app.

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