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The app store is the best platform for reaching out to the target audience for selling your product or services.  App market is brimming with competition and challenges. This guide for App store optimization will help improve  your app’s discoverability and optimizes the app’s content to get you a broader user base. It helps you grow as a market leader.

Guide for app store optimization based on Aso factors

Choose the most popular keywords.

Study to understand the keywords that align with your app’s functionality. The most popular keywords help your app gain traffic and an enhanced search result.

Keyword research must be able to identify keywords that are relevant, purposeful, and popular. 

Learn from the competitors.

When choosing the right keyword set for your app, watch and learn from the other successful apps using nearly similar keywords. You can better understand the techniques to maneuver the competition and secure a high rank.

Along with the relevant keywords,  track the app downloads, ranking and reviews, and ratings of the competitor apps. Set a benchmark for these to make it easier for you to stay ahead in the competition.

Add keywords in the App title and description.

Apple app store and Google play give weightage to keywords that appear in the app’s title while ranking an app. So, you shouldinclude your most relevant keyword in the app’s name. The App title must be an ideal combination of the brand name and the target keyword. You can try changing the keyword’s position within the app’s title depending on the popularity of your app.

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The 4000 characters long app description space gives you the best opportunity to use the popular keywords and the brand name. Using keywords in the app description is another important section that the app stores consider while ranking your app. 

So, include the main keywords in the description that can seamlessly highlight the features and benefits of the app. However, remember not to overstuff the keywords. It might be a major put-off for the app visitor considering downloading your app.

Be ready with an optimized keyword list.

Consider this key point if launching your app in the Apple app store. Apple allocates a 100 characters long keyword field that you can put to best use by including the best set of keywords relevant to your app. 

Do not include complete search words, spaces,  your app’s category, or name. Instead, single words, separated by a comma without any space, is the appropriate way to include the keywords. 

Maintain the app’s rating.

The more your app can secure ratings, the better the chances for an optimized search result. So, find means and methods to encourage your user to rate and review the app. A positively reviewed and high-rated app  surely  attracts more users and increase your downloads. 

Tips to increase your app downloads.

Gaining app visibility is like winning half the race. For a successful ASO you have to convert the app impression into downloads.

Design a creative and simple app icon.

Design an app icon to convey the app’s main features to the app visitors. Project a simple icon not loaded with details that relates well with the app’s functionality. Use contrasting colors and simple graphics in the app icon to ensure that the users can instantly recall it on their mobile device. 

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Create exciting screenshots.

App screenshots are the prime visuals on your app. They can easily draw the attention of the app visitor. They are a great opportunity to visually display your app’s key functionalities and encourage the users to download the app. 

Use a colored background for the screenshots for an attractive appeal. It will draw the focus on the app’s features quickly.

Make impressive preview videos.

Apple and Google Play allow you to upload a preview video to give a live app experience for the user. There is a greater possibility for the viewer to download the app after understanding the highlights through the preview video. 


Your key responsibility after implementing the app store optimization is to keep an eye on the app’s performance. Adapt to the changes, and regularly update new features. Track your app ranking to understand what works best for your app and leverage it.