App store visuals have the power to make the user’s first impression count. Most app visitors skip the text to consider the screenshots or preview videos. Offering appealing and accurate app visuals becomes the user’s deciding factor before downloading your app. 

Therefore, making the best first impression using impressive app store visuals is vital for your growth strategy. The three key app visual elements are the app icon, screenshots, and preview/promo video. These three elements must work in coherence to impress potential users to download your app.

App Store Visuals

Acquire comprehensive knowledge on designing visuals for the App Store.

Design a catchy app icon

Your app icon is the first and the most popular app visual. It represents your brand’s message and the app’s functionality on several platforms. Therefore, it is an essential element in boosting the app’s visibility. 

A few essential tips for creating a great app icon are:

  • The app icon space is minimal. So do not crowd it with text or make it look complex. It must be easily readable across various mobile devices and backgrounds.
  • Avoid using text in the app icon. Use one or two main letters if necessary. Stick to a simple color palette that aligns with your brand image.
  • Do not change your app icon frequently. Your brand recognition value will be lost and will leave potential users confused. 
  • Design a great icon before the app launch and stick to it until your app gains popularity. Test with more minor changes rather than drastically altering the app icon. Facebook and Myntra are good examples of this.
  • Use simple graphics and clear images. The user has to understand what your app does. For instance, a camera lens is well suited for a photography app. Do not use images or photos in the app icon.
  • Create a few options for the app icon and test them in the app store, on social media, and a few mobile devices. This will let you know how the icon is perceived and received.
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Create compelling screenshots App Store Graphics

  • App screenshots allow users to view the most popular screens in your app. Use the 8 to 10 slots given by the app stores wisely by creating a storyline with your app screenshots. Place the screenshots in the order of app navigation post-download.
  • Place first the screenshot that highlights the unique features of your app. Use catchy and simple captions to hold the user’s attention and tell them about the app’s values.
  • The look and the design must be appealing and also understandable. Heavy graphics or picture breaks can confuse the users. Align the color theme of the app screenshots with the app’s icon and home page.
  • Understand and match the screenshot orientation with how users prefer viewing the games or apps. While portrait orientation suits social media or photo editing apps best, the landscape is best suited for game apps.

Add a preview video as an authentic app store visuals  

  • While creating the preview video, think from a potential user’s point of view. Add footages that the users will want to see and will make them feel confident to download your app. 
  • Include the exciting and popular parts of your app in the preview video.
  • Use only the footage filmed inside your app for the promo video.


An appropriate App store optimization strategy will make optimizing your app’s visual elements easier. The images and the videos in an app are the ones that attract potential users and induce curiosity. 

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Therefore, optimizing your app store visuals, e.g., icon, screenshots, and preview video most creatively and accurately will significantly boost your app’s traffic and conversion rate.