Optimize iOS Keywords Apple App Store allows you to include the keywords relevant to your app in a specific keyword field to improve your app’s visibility. Keywords have a pivotal role in App Store Optimization. They determine your app’s visibility and the ranking of your app in the result page. These popular keywords help the app store, and app visitors better understand your app’s purpose. Indexing the app content with these keywords also becomes effective in gaining app traffic.  The app store allows up to 100 characters for the iOS keywords field. 

Therefore, use it wisely to the advantage of your app by choosing relevant keywords in the keyword field and those that the app visitors will most commonly use while searching for your app.

Optimize iOS Keywords

What to add in the Apple keyword field?

  • Use words or terms that are relevantly describe the feature and functionality of your app.
  • If you rank for irrelevant keywords, it becomes impossible to reach your target audience.
  • Accurately translate the keywords when localizing your app.
  • Separate the long phrases and keywords using a comma.
  • Avoid repeating the same keywords; instead, use their synonyms or similar meaning words.
  • Do not use special characters, overused and cliched terms in the keyword field.
  • When you regularly optimize the app content, update the keyword metadata field for better ranking.

Tips to Optimize iOS app keywords field.

An app store optimization strategy can significantly improve your app’s traffic. Therefore, it will increase the conversions. For the ASO to perform well, an optimized app store keyword field is essential. It becomes imperative for you to understand the relevance and popularity of the keywords you include in this field. The keyword field determines the target audience you will attract. Read on to learn the key tips to optimize the keyword field.

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Mention just the singular form of the keyword

If your app is for an English course, you don’t have to add the term course and courses in the keyword field. You have to combine the potential of the app name, subtitle, and relevant keywords in the keyword field. Mentioning the singular and plural form of the same word is not necessary. The app store’s algorithm will automatically consider the singular form, allowing you to use the space in the keyword field effectively.

Separate Keywords by Comma

Similar to the ASO techniques, avoid blanks and special characters between the relevant keywords. You can separate the keywords using a comma. Use the 100 characters in the keyword field to include the most relevant keywords only.

Avoid repetitive use of same Keyword

Try not to use the same keywords as used in app title or name. Apple algorithm requires the keyword to be present just once to index it. The App Store considers commas and spaces as separators.

You will only lose precious space in the keyword field by duplicating the keywords. So, avoid putting long-tail keywords or combined keywords as a whole in the keyword field. Therefore, it is always better to use single terms/words.The app store will create a combination of keywords for your app.


keywords included in iOS keywords field has the power to boost your organic traffic significantly. You have to constantly monitor and evaluate the performance of these keywords and keep the keyword field updated. The keyword field provided by the Apple app store is a bonus opportunity handed to you to boost the app’s visibility. 

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Hence, it is vital to research and choose the most relevant keywords that rank well and are popular enough to pull more app traffic. It is equally essential to maintain a fine balance between the length and quality of the keywords. If you have a proper ASO plan and an optimized keyword field, your user acquisition strategy will be successful.