App Store Optimization is one of the most effective ways to make your app stand out among the millions of apps in app stores. By implementing diverse ASO strategies, you can increase your app visibility as well as conversions. So, let’s understand how ASO works and some of the top companies in India you can fastrack your ASO progress.

Significance of App Store Optimization

App store optimization or ASO is the best possible way to acquire organic installs for your app. ASO focuses on multiple aspects of your app store including its title, description, videos, screenshots, encouraging user reviews and ratings, and other factors to help you rank higher. This is why ASO is also known as app store SEO

With ASO optimization, you can increase the click-through rates (CTR) of your app and establish a higher customer relationship from the very start. So, if you are an app developer or marketer, you can tackle the fierce market competition by utilizing app optimization strategies. 

What is the Difference Between ASO & SEO?

Certain features are similar to both app store optimization (ASO) and search engine optimization (SEO). One of the common aspects is keywords and conversion optimization. Despite the similarity between the concepts, there are key features that set them apart. 

App stores are closely aligned with search engines as both of these help you to find your app in the search results. This is where ASO and SEO overlap. Also, both these require quality content and proper indexing. Another common factor between ASO and SEO is organic search ranking. Both of these should be considered when you are optimizing your website or mobile app.

Apart from these two similarities, there are factors which can help you distinguish them. ASO is tailored for mobile apps and involves optimizing elements like app titles, keywords, visuals, and more to boost app visibility and downloads. On the other hand, SEO is geared towards web content and focuses on enhancing website visibility on search engines by optimizing keywords, and backlinks, among others. 

How Does ASO Work?

Remember that ASO is a continuous process. You need to research, test, and iterate different elements of your app store to identify which versions of your store page are performing better. This helps you to identify the best versions, thereby, helping you to keep up with the competition. 

To implement relevant ASO strategies you need to understand user intent and their response. This will provide you with the necessary direction on what strategy might work and what might not. This can be focusing on visual elements or curating app marketing copy to attract and retain users. 

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So, the main question is- how do you perform ASO for app stores? You can either learn all about app store optimization techniques, utilize a diverse range of paid and free ASO tools, or leave it to the experts. 

What Do App Store Optimization Companies Do?

ASO companies provide you with a variety of app store optimization services that help your app become a high ranking app in the app store. They monitor your app ranking and downloads and implement strategic measures so that your app becomes more visible to the users. 

ASO app store optimization agencies significantly help app developers and marketers. They identify target keywords, optimize app titles and descriptions, and improve screenshots and videos as well as their icon designs. 

Their main aim is to elevate user experience and drive profitable action. These companies also provide insightful recommendations based on app data so that you can make sure your app stands out in the competitive marketplace. 

One of the key advantages that you can get by leveraging ASO companies is the use of custom tools and techniques. From keyword research and optimization tools to A/B testing tools and more, they can streamline your ASO process so that you can achieve the desired results. 

Best App Store Optimization Companies 

In order for ASO to work successfully, you need to possess patience to check and iterate changes for your app. This helps you identify the right elements that can improve your app ranking. It is a continuous process due to which handling ASO all alone can become complex. This is where ASO companies step in and help you improve your app store.

Here are some of the top ASO companies:

  • NextGrowth Labs

NextGrowth Labs is an ideal app store optimization company in India that provides you with a comprehensive range of ASO services. Get assistance to improve keyword ranking and category for your app, competitor analysis, and perform conversion optimization. The company also helps you with A/B testing, and app analytics, among a variety of other key features. 

One of the biggest advantages of this company is that they provide you with complimentary ASO analysis and execute campaigns that outperform industry benchmarks. Moreover, the company also provides a diverse range of free tools for app store optimization such as Keyword Tracking Tool, Search & App Rank Tracker, ASO & SEO Content Assist Tool, etc. They carefully analyze your app and provide you with helpful recommendations on how to improve your app installs, rankings, and conversions. 

  • Phiture
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Phiture provides you with diverse ASO marketing solutions and utilizes data insights to optimize cost-per-acquisition strategies. These use advanced technology and techniques to assist app developers and marketers in optimizing their apps for high ranking and conversions. Apart from ASO, the company also helps with Apple Search ads, Google App campaigns, paid social campaigns, user acquisition audits, developing custom product pages, product page optimization, and more.

  • Gummicube

Gummicube is an ASO company that offers skilled app optimization specialists, data-driven insights, and various optimization tactics. The company utilizes its proprietary ASO technology to provide efficient ASO strategies that help app marketers and developers reach their app store objectives.

  • App Radar

App Radar, an ASO company helps you choose the best keywords for your app store optimization process using artificial intelligence (AI). Their tool helps with keyword analysis as well as tracking and monitoring. The company helps app marketers by implementing strategic ASO techniques to achieve their app goals. They also help you with app store launches, product optimization, and more.

  • Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower provides advanced data intelligence and analytics tools to help you with your app store efforts. App marketers and developers can use this to get in-depth insights into the mobile industry and find the highest ranking mobile apps. Its AI technology helps with identifying keyword ranking, competitive analysis, and app analytics. You can also monitor app performance and revenue utilizing their tool.

  • App Annie

App Annie is a Data AI company that combines market data along with consumer data to provide you with detailed insights. They aim to improve your digital performance by helping you with adequate research and analysis capabilities. You can collect relevant data to build a useful ASO strategy to leverage your ASO efforts. 

  • AppTweak

AppTweak provides you with a range of ASO tools and services including keyword research, app store rank tracking, as well as competitor analysis. By using AppTweak’s proprietary tool that uses deep learning algorithms, you can gain relevant data and insights, helping you to make informed decisions regarding ASO campaigns. The company also leverages data science and vital app metrics to help with your app growth. 

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Benefits of Leveraging ASO for Your App

If you want your app to make its presence known in the competitive world, this is how ASO companies can help you achieve your goals and objectives:

  • Increased App Discoverability

Your app won’t stand out among the millions of apps even if it is well-designed. Effective ASO strategies can help your app to achieve the desired recognition. With ASO tactics, the possibility of users finding your app when searching with relevant phrases greatly increases. This is done by optimizing your app title, description, and keywords, among other elements. Enhanced app discoverability also attracts new users and encourages first-time downloads.

  • Elevated App Ranking

One of the biggest advantages of ASO is that it helps in increasing the mobile company ranking. With the increase in rank, your app now gets displayed higher in the search results, letting more people discover your app whenever they search for similar apps or with relevant keywords and phrases. 

  • Attracts Relevant Users

App store optimization is a crucial strategy you need to implement to reach a wider audience and your potential customers. Strategies like app localization can help you attract users globally as your app is now accessible in other languages. Moreover, with the right keywords and copy optimization, the app store algorithm matches the right users with your app.

  • Increase in App Downloads

ASO focuses on increasing the number of app downloads and user engagement. In-app advertising and in-app purchases are some of the effective ways to monetize your app. Aligning marketing strategies with ASO platforms helps you to encourage more users to download your app organically, leading to long-term and sustainable results. 

  • Enhanced App Revenue

ASO significantly helps in increasing your app engagement, ensuring an increase in the number of downloads and installs. You can gain from ASO Android and iOS app store strategies which also help to increase your conversion rate optimization (CRO), thereby positively impacting your app revenue.


Thus, in the ASO world, you can utilize different tactics and strategies to increase your app ranking, discoverability, as well as conversion rate. You can rely on proficient ASO companies to help you with distinctive ASO strategies. Experienced companies can direct you in the right direction and positively influence your app store performance, helping you achieve the results you want.